Kauai Nursery & Landscaping is a Certified Plant nursery. The nursery carries a selection of exotic and tropical plants that are certified for export to the Mainland United States. These plants may be hand carried or shipped back to the mainland. We have a wide selection of orchids, anthuriums, gingers, plumerias, bromeliads, tropical shrubs, flowering trees, and exotic fruits. Please be sure to visit our online store for Certified Plant purchases and shipping information.


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Often fragrant long time. Blooming twice a year.


Showy flowers have made it known as corsage orchid. Many sizes of blooms. Some are fragrant.


Most varieties bloom at least twice a year. Flowers last several months under proper conditions.


The plants produces blooms throughout the year in the right conditions.


Large pansy like flowers in many rich colors that may last up to a month. Their bloom time is as short as a cut flower.

Mounted Orchids

Most orchids can be mounted on tree trunks and rocks. KNL has mounted on Hapuu (tree fern) and lava rock.


May originate anywhere from sea level in the tropics to the high elevations of the Andes.


Also called 'Lady slippers' because their lip is shaped like a pouch or the toe of a slipper. More delicate.


Brilliant colored flowers in combinations of yellow, white, and red. Blooms in spring time.



Also known as ground orchids. These can be grown outdoors in warmer climates. The blooms are long lasting and some varieties are fragrant.


Generally bloom for long period under proper conditions. Can be in bloom up to 3 months.


Come in every color, flower size, and some are color change and fragrant.


Light red tulip-shaped spathes.


Red spathe with a sharp contrasting white spadix. Mature plants produce multiple blooms held well above the foliage.


Pink and white mottled spathes with white and yellow spadices. It has upright and outward spreading plant habit, shiny dark green leaves.

Red hot

Showy multiple red, spathes with mauve red spadix. Very tough, thick foliage one of the easier varieties to grow.


Dutch variety, has nice size red spathes.

Small talk

Heart-shaped spathes. There are red, pink, amd white.

White heart

The spathes are shiny white with a splash of green and enhanced with a contrasting dark pink spadix.

Red ginger

Comes in all sizes from small to large. Tolerant to a wide range of light conditions from light shade to full sun.

Pink ginger

Evergreen clumping plants grown in sun or light shade in rich, moist soil. Excellent for arrangemenrs.

White ginger

Clusters of wonderfully fragrant flowers that look like butterflies. The fresh green foliage makes a great framework for smaller plants.

Blue ginger

Striking blue flowers through out the year to 6' tall with a 3' spread. It's best in a moist, lightly shaded area.

Golden brush ginger

Bright Orange cones bloom from the upright stems.

Aechmea 'Mend'

Aechmea 'Alvarez'

Neoregelia 'Candy Apple'

Neoregelia 'Firebrick'

Neoregelia 'Kohala Dawn'

Neoregelia 'Shocking pink'

Neoregelia 'Alex'

Neoregelia tricolor

Neoregelia 'Cosmos'

Tillandsia 'Pink Quill'

Vriesea foliage hybrid Green, Pink, Purple

Hohenbergia 'Fudge Ripple'

Guzmania (Come in many different bud spikes colors)


Evergreen favorite. It's used for hanging baskets. Medium light.


A crested bird's nest fern. Growing to 30" with wide, apple-green fronds with a prominent midrib that becomes darker in older plants.

Green Wave

Flourishing rhizomes produce dark green, frivolously curled, erect fronds forming a compact, very dense mass. The foliage is durable and has an unmatched appearance.

Rabbit's foot

Furry rhizomes resembling rabbit feet spill over the side of the container when the plant matures.

Lauae Iki Dwarf

Attractive fern with very large number of small, juvenile, lanceolate leaves growing much closer together, beautifully dark and glossy green.


Red Sister


Aunty Lou

Hawaiian Flag


Plumeria is easy to grow in hot, dry areas. It requires full sun and grows best in well drained, slightly acidic soil.

Ficus 'Little Fiddle'

Having a bark and leaf texture that is coarse with grow upright and irregular shape make it a unique plant for indoor use.

Ficus 'Sylvie'

It's more recognized by its common name 'Rubber plant'. prefers full sun and strong light.



Desert Rose

Also known as 'Adenium' . Most Asian cultures associate this unique plant with wealth and good forune. Drought tolerant.

Croton 'Mamey'

Comes in all sizes from small to large.

Croton 'Petra'

Red spathe with a sharp contrasting white spadix. Mature plants produce multiple blooms held well above the foliage.


Originating in Asia and the Pacific Islands. Thousands of colors and combinations, singles, doubles, some blooming almost every day.


Often called 'Tricolor'. It exhibits a clump-forming growth to about 3.5 feet making it an excellent container plant.

Euphorbia punicea

Evergreen shrub grows to a height of 15 feet, has green leaves and showy, red flowers. It has a high drought tolerance. The sap of this plant can be a skin irritant.


Tender, evergreen vine from the perwinkle family. Flowers bloom thoughout the year. It adds beauty to your home indoors or out.


They are inhabitants of damp, marshy areas and will thrive in very damp conditions once the plant is well established.


Most succulents are very hardy and unlike many other plants, They thrive on neglect! They require minimal care.